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    SIR005 will feature a 7" by Orange County's Cracked, featuring a few songs off of their 2017 demo along with some new jams. We are stoked for this release; it's gonna be a ripper! Any fans of old school hardcore are going to want this 7". 500 pressing with 3 different colors. Check out their demo here: https://crackedhc.bandcamp.com/album/demo-2017

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    Meth Breath / PSO Split 7&quote; Coming Soon

    SIR004 Meth Breath / PSO split is in the works for a 2017 fall release! PSO comes at you with two skatecore anthems, and Meth Breath delivers three straight up fast and furious songs! Any fans of punk and hardcore will not want to miss out on this 7". 500 pressings with 3 different colors.

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