• Bystander

    A hardcore band based on the idea that music can be fun, drug free, and at the same time express thought-provoking ideas relevant to self, society, and the scene. Think: fast hardcore with guitars, bass, drums, and screamed vocals with a youth crew style at its roots and influences from the members’ other bands as well. Realistically, what did you expect from this bio? Every bio says the same thing, always in different ridiculous, semi-creative ways. They each tell you about how the band is forging new ground, taking risks, and get ready because this band is taking the world by storm. Eye roll. Bystander is a band of friends who love hardcore, being creative, having fun and sharing ideas. They go crazy when they play. One of the guys in the band is a doctor. One is a professional speaker. One lives in his van. One has really good hair. They all love hardcore and the potential of it to change lives. That’s the most important part of this bio.

  • Band Members:

    Charles- Guitar
    Shariq- Guitar
    Marcus- Bass
    Chad- Drums

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