• Revenge Season

    Atlanta metallic hardcore band, Revenge Season, play a scathing brand of metallic hardcore with the passion and confidence of a well seasoned band. Not unlike the bands that helped influence their sound, they draw inspiration from the world around them and human emotion. Revenge Season are a relatively young band, having formed in 2016 by vocalist Morgan and guitarist Wes they wasted no time releasing the Filth Of Humanity EP near the end of 2016, In 2017 they also released the 2 track banger, Malfeasance/Scarred EP which are now on the Eternal Despair EP. Since then the band, also consisting of Ryan (guitar), Kelly (guitar), Mitch (drums) & Jon (bass), have shared the stage with such notable acts as Earth Crisis, Leeway, Harley Flanangan, Knocked Loose, Harms Way and many more. They have also been relentless road dogs knocking out a handful of tours in just a year’s span with bands like Kharma, Joy, Vatican, Watchdogs, Strengthen What Remains, Tourniquet & Paper Trail. They recently released their new ep, Eternal Despair on February 16th, 2018. It showcases the band at their finest and marks only the beginning of what this band can do, and proves they are a tough act to follow. 

  • Band Members:

    Morgan Rutledge - Vocals
    Jon Freed - Bass
    Mitchel Lyons - Drums
    Conner Sullivan - Guitar
    Ryan Patterson - Guitar

  • Photos