• Dying For It

    Since forming in 2015, Dying For It have been busy. As they played many shows in Northern California, opening for Shelter, Sect, Good Riddance, and embarked on multiple West Coast tours, they honed their sound, resulting in a fierce 10”, “Born To Deny,” on Safe Inside Records. While embracing a wide range of hardcore punk sensibilities, Dying For It have positioned themselves in a space uniquely their own. “Born To Deny,” features ten tracks packed with topical, relevant lyrics and brutal vocals to match, ripping, creative song-writing, and powerful drumming. Its final track, “Under His Eye,” is a response to some of the systemic problems of our current patriarchal framework such as rape culture while also paying homage to Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale. “Under His Eye” features an exciting and fresh take on familiar hardcore punk elements: bloodcurdling vocals, fist-clenching riffs, an intense call-and-response chorus, and a stompy, kinetic outro. With a Midwest tour completed and the East Coast, and Europe on the horizon, Dying For It have no plans to slow down.

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    Rikki V - Vocals
    Thomas - Drums 
    Walter - Guitar

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