• Dying For It

    Since forming in 2015, Dying For It have been busy carving out a niche for their frenetic strain of melodic hardcore. Beginning in the wake of Sacramento-based heavy hitters Dance For Destruction and New Deal, Dying For It came together in the dry expanse of Northern California's Central Valley to blend the urgency and desperation of early 2000s hardcore with the spirit of 1980s youth crew. Having already released their self-titled debut in 2016, 2017 will see its re-release on San Diego CA's Safe Inside Records.
    The band will embark on their first tour in 2018 to support "Born To Deny", their forthcoming 7" debut for Safe Inside Records.
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    Band Members:

    Jonathan - Bass
    Haeden - Guitar
    Rikki V - Vocals
    Thomas - Drums
    Shane - Guitar

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