• Remain in Vain

  • Remain In Vain is a hardcore punk outfit that formed in late 2008. Hailing from southern California with band members that were too young to care, busy with other groups or lacked a desire to stay, the band lay mostly dormant for two years. Since then they’ve worked to become a staple in the San Diego punk and Chula Vistas hardcore scene. Since recording the “Someone To Watch Over Me” e. p, They’ve brought their 80’s influenced brand of hardcore to the stage along side such acts as Bane, Miles Away, defeater, Dead End Path and Rotting Out. Remain In Vain Stands to become a force for southern California’s hardcore scene to recon with.

    Wesley remain -VOX

    Kiyotocore the supervillain of hardcore - GUITAR

    rangerbob the minister of H8 AKA the silky Johnson of hardcore -BASS

    Aaron haines -DRUMS

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